Women's Figurines

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These figurines are hand-carved in Sri Lanka with mahogany wood. The simple female figurine, called a shadow, gives a modern touch to the traditional art form.  The statues come in clear and dark stains. Wood carving is an old craft practiced in Sri Lanka. Statues and masks are the most commonly available items in wood. Mahogany wood, because of its natural and beautiful grain, is used to create statues as it adds another dimension to the piece. These figurines use the simple lines of the outline of a figure as if it were the shadow of the actual form. All these female forms celebrate the many activities associated with the traditional woman, including rearing of a child, bringing water from the river, to the more mundane acts of grooming, and participating in playful acts. We offer the piece in two stains, the clear coat protects the mahogany wood, but allows to showcase the natural grain, while the dark stain allows a depth to the piece. These are great gifts especially to for someone who appreciates the hard-working and the playful sides of a woman. Consider buying a pair or even the set. The mother-child statue is certainly something a mother will appreciate, maybe for mother's day or even on her birthday from her children.