Slotted Spoons

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The spoons are handcrafted with Kitul or Coconut wood and Coconut Shell. Locally grown trees, these trees are used for food and other utility goods, including utensils. These trees grow in abundance and therefore it does not harm the environment. The head of the spoon is made of the sturdy coconut fruit shell, and the handle with Coconut palm or Kitul palm wood. Both materials have a beautiful finish and the vein of the wood makes each one a unique piece. Use for cooking or serving food. The holes in the head helps with frying or serving food with less liquid or gravy. They can be washed normally, but cleaning by hand will give them a longer life.

Coconut Trees are abundant in the island nation of Sri Lanka and all parts of the tree, root to the leaves are used for food, and day-to-day objects. We feature kitchen utility items made from the hard shell of the dired fruit, and the wood from the trunk.

In our Kitchen section we feature a Sugar or a condiment jar, and a Serving or Cooking spoons and in our jewelry section we have coconut wood bracelets.