Silver Hanging Earrings

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A select collection of silver earrings from India and Sri Lanka. Many of these dangling earrings are handmade by traditional silvermakers of Jaipur, India with sterling silver (.925) and semi-precious stones. They are known for their fine craftsmenship and they continue an age-old tradtion passed on from one generation to another. Sri Lanka is often called the Island of Gems, Ratna Dveepa, because of the abundance of gem stones found in the island. 80% of the land has been declared Potential Gem Bearing. It has the highest density of precious stone deposits. In the world there are around 200 varities of gems, and 70 of them are found in Sri Lanka. Some of the most famous ones are the Sapphires: Blue, Pink, and Star sapphires. Dress up your day or night wear with these delicate earrings.