SOLD - Lacquerware Jewelry Box - Red
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Red with green circles jewelry box handmade in Sri Lanka with soft turpentine wood and hand painted with natural lac resin. Perfect to keep your small trinkets and rings safely.

NOTE: Each box is handmade therefore may vary slightly in color and size.


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The ancient craft of lacquerware started in Central Sri Lanka from where it spread to the rest of the island. Today the lacquerware is imported from India because the lacquer insect is no longer found in Sri Lanka. The traditional metod of extracting lac is a long process. The lacquer insect secretes a resin and favors only certain trees and bushes. The branches on which the resin are found are collected and set aside until the insect settles. The resin is scraped off without harming the insect, and then put in thin cotton bags and heated over fire to melt the resin, which is collected in a separate container. Natural mineral dye is added to the lac to produce the brightly colored lac by heating again. The application of the lac onto wooden objects differs depending on the school of craft. The traditional school of Central Sri Lanka is known for its fingernail work. The lac of different colors are heated to make it soft and supple are drawn into thin threads and applied onto the object while using the fingernail to create the design and then heated and polished with an ola leaf to get the desired effect.

Other common method of colouring is layering the object with three different colors one top of the others and a pattern is scraped on the outer colour letting the dye underneath show through. The outer color is usually black or green, with yellow and red in two layers below. The other method is to carve a pattern on a prepared background and filling it with the dye.

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SOLD - Lacquerware Jewelry Box - Red

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