Mens Handloom Sarong - Black, Blue, and Gold
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Handloom sarongs made in Sri Lanka. This unisex 100% cotton thread with a sheen, making it both a day and night wear. You can wear it casually at the pool or beach as a cover up or for a day or night event. Sarongs are a traditional clothing worn all over Southeast Asia and each region has its own styles to wrap this versatile piece of clothing. The beautiful color combination of black and blue body accented with gold. There is an undercurrent of black as the warp (the thread/yarn held in tension on a frame through which the weft/woof thread is woven left to right).

It is stitched on the side, as a tube. You can follow the instructions here on the Wikihow site to help you wear the tube sarong.

You can put a belt on the waist, if you like, but once the waist line is rolled up tightly, it is secure.

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Mens Handloom Sarong - Black, Blue, and Gold

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