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Stationary holders for easy organization.

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This hand-made mail or stationery holder is not only good for it's intended purpose, it also makes a nice piece of wall-art. Handmade with the natural fibre, hana or hemp, the piece is handwoven using traditional age-old Dumbara designs. These designs, as the name indicates, come from the region of Dumbara, where artisans use geometrical patterns that have been passed down from family to family and only practiced by the artists of this region. Dumbara artists also use cotton to weave their patterns for other products such as pillow covers, bedcovers, table mats, and wall hangings. We carry pillow covers and wall-hangings too. The stationary/mail holders are a modern twist to the cottage industry, that has taken the craft form from cotton weaving to hemp weaving, which allows for the creation of items for daily utility use. Hemp is a natural and strong material. They are stiffer and allows for adapting to creating pieces like purses, bags, folder covers, pencil cases, coasters, and stationary holder. Use to keep your mail, bills, other stationary organized and close at hand. The three pocket organizers allow for putting all your stationary in one place, yet organized and separate. Each pocket and the base has a cotton base to provide extra protection and a cleaner look. The base also has a hard backing to prevent the organizer from drooping. The organizer has a litte loop on the top for easy hanging.