Handloom Wraparound Sarong - Blue, Brick Red and Silver
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Handloom sarongs made in Sri Lanka. A soft cotton thread with a sheen to the finish product, making it both a day and night wear. You can wear it casually at the pool or beach as a cover up or for a day or night event. Sarongs are a traditional clothing worn by women all over Southeast Asia and each region has its own styles to wrap this versatile piece of clothing. The beautiful color combination of a striking blue accented with brick read and silver. There is an undercurrent of black throughout the body as the warp (the thread/yarn held in tension on a frame through which the weft/woof thread is woven left to right).

This sarong is open on both ends allowing you to wrap it the way you want it. Here are few simple ones:


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Handloom Wraparound Sarong - Blue, Brick Red and Silver

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