Handloom Scarves


Handloom is one of the ancient craft practiced by humans to create cloth for clothing and other daily uses. This craft was mechanized once the industrialization took over making it easier to create large amounts of cloth quicker, but it took away some of the finer aspects of creating a cloth that only an artist who has learnt the craft over years from their ancestors can produce. Handloom, instead of the mechanized loom takes much longer and lot more human labor. Our collection of Sri Lankan handloom scarves are result of the resilience of the craftmen and women to continue a tradition passed onto to them through family. Sri Lanka is known for its colors, representative of the warm and tropical environment, which is home of colorful flora and fauna.

These scarves use different colored threads for the warp and the weft, giving an unusual finished piece. The pieces use different colored threads in the warp (length) such as orange, blue, and red. The weft thread through the body is a mustard yellow, mixing with each warp column to create another color, a shade of green, evwn though no green thread is used. The border is a mix of red and blue mixing with the warp threads. It is a burst of colors.