Embroidered Sling Purses

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Embroidered clothing and accessories are an age-old tradition in India, each region of the country has its own typical form. Use of beads and mirrors can be found especially in the western part of India. The use of vibrant colors as the base of the purses are typical to the region as well. These sling purses allows users to have their hands-free to do other activities. The purse can be worn on one shoulder or across the body to make it easy to carry. The three pockets allows the separation of the things that you may want to carry without everything in disappearing into one compartment. It is big enough to hold a average size phone, money, and small keys. It is perfect for outings to the farmers or an arts market, or a friend's barbeque. It is even great for young girls, not wanting to carry too many things, just the essentials. It makes a great gift and also a nice talking point.