Elephant Theme Mugs


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 Elephants are very important to India and Sri Lanka, as this mighty gentle beast is found in abundance in South Asia. These clay mugs, stoneware, use the strong foot of the elephant as an inspiration for its unique design. If you are a tea, coffee, or even a beer aficionado, these mugs are perfect for you. They are microwave and diswasher safe. It is a perfect gift for those who love elephants, and those who you want to remember for a long time, since elephants are known to have a long memory. These mugs may be used as many other things, such as a pencil and pen holder. You can even add a plant in it. You can mix and match and pick from the big foot, tusk, or rope, or plain design. 

We have various other elephant themed gift ideas, decorative pieces, cushion covers, wall art, earrings that are inspired by the elephant.