Coconut Wood Bracelets

Coconut tree is a commonly found tree in the island nation of Sri Lanka and each part of the tree is used for food, drink, or other utility items made from its wood, leaves, fruit, fruit shell (the coconut), and the dried husk of the coconut shell. These natural bracelets add a subtle neutral look to your attire and are versatile as can be worn both during day and night and can be paired with informal and formal wear.The coconut wood has its own beautiful grain that does not require any further addition.

See below how to find your bracelet size.

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How to measure your bracelet/bangle size?

You want a bracelet/bangle to easily slip on. Here is how you measure: bring your fingers together with your thumb across your palm touching your pinky as tight as possible as if you were going to wear a bracelet. Take a soft measuring tape and measure the widest part, usually around the knuckles. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, you can use a string or cord to measure, by bringing one end of the string to go around the widest part of your hand and touch with the string. Note where the string meets, and put it straight on a measuring tape. Use this number to find the perfect fit. Do not buy a bangle whose dimension or the interior diameter is less or more than ½ inch of your perfect fit. (You can use this formula to match the Bangle dimension to your hand measurement: Bangle Interior Diameter x 3.17


Bangle Dimension                               Approximate Hand Size

3”                                                        9.5”

2.75”                                                   8.7”

2.5”                                                     8”

2.45”                                                   7.8”

2.375"                                                   7.5”

2.25”                                                   7”

2”                                                        6.3”



Coconut Trees are abundant in the island nation of Sri Lanka and all parts of the tree, root to the leaves are used for food, and day-to-day objects. We feature kitchen utility items made from the hard shell of the dired fruit, and the wood from the trunk.

In our Kitchen section we feature a Sugar or a condiment jar, and a Serving or Cooking spoons and in our jewelry section we have coconut wood bracelets, earrings, pendants, and coconut shell jewelry sets.