Coconut Shell Pendants


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 Handmade coconut shell pendants. An eco-friendly way of recycling the bio-degradable coconut shell, which usually is thrown away after scraping the coconut flesh used in cooking. This is a smart way of finding materials to make jewelry and other accesserories. Coconut trees are extremely versatile and lend to many aspects of living in coastal areas such as in Sri Lanka. These pendants can be worn with a variety of colors and attires. They are modern and whimsical, yet simple.


Coconut Trees are abundant in the island nation of Sri Lanka and all parts of the tree, root to the leaves are used for food, and day-to-day objects. We feature kitchen utility items made from the hard shell of the dired fruit, and the wood from the trunk.

In our Kitchen section we feature a Sugar or a condiment jar, and a Serving or Cooking spoons and in our jewelry section we have coconut wood bracelets, earrings, pendants, and coconut shell jewelry sets.