Coconut Shell Coin Purses


Coconut tree is a natural gift to mankind. Every part of the tree is used. The fruit itself is a gift that keeps giving. The coconut water is refreshing and contains natural minerals good for the body. As the fruit matures, the water reduces and the inside fruit develops, which can be eaten. It is shredded and added to many foods and sweets. The shredded coconut can be used to make coconut milk as well, which is used in food as well. The coconut milk has plant based fat, so much healthier. The fruit is dried and used to make coconut oil, which is used for cooking. It is good for the human skin and hair, so it is added to many soaps, shampoos, body oils, when not just used straight up on hair or body. The dried husk of the coconut fruit has various uses as well. The fibre collected is used to make rope, carpets, rugs etc. The fruit shell is repurposed to make interesting and beautiful repurposed utility and decorative items. Because of its natural concave surface it can be used to make containers such as bowls, spoons, cups, glasses, candle holders. They can be repurposed to make jewelry, buttons, and in our case pouches as well.