Batik Dresses

Hand-made viscose batik dresses. Available in simple patterns and assorted colors. Length of the dresses vary from knee height to above and below the knee.  All items are made of a soft viscose and ideal for Spring, Summer, and Fall weather.  Perfect for semi-casual to casual outings.  The loose fit accommodates for many waist sizes. The batik dresses are handmade in the cottage industries of Sri Lanka.

All Batik Wraparound Skirts ship for FREE anywhere in the US.

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Each of our batik dresses are unique since they are hand made. They are all from Sri Lanka and created by a small group of artists and craftsmen. If you want to know more about Batik, please read on.

Batik is an ancient textile art practiced in many eastern cultures including Sri Lanka. First a design is sketched on a cloth. As these sketches are done by hand there are no duplicates. Then 3 basic steps are followed, which are repeated until the final desired effect is achieved. The first stage is the application of hot liquid wax in areas where a certain dye is not wanted. The second stage involves dipping the cloth in liquid dye. The second and the third steps are done quickly, as the wax dries and starts to crack and the dye starts to seep through them. Even though the wax is applied to prevent areas from getting dyed the cracked effect is the mark of batik. The third step involves removing the wax to expose and get the next areas ready to be dyed in another color. This process is laborious and time consuming, and may take days to months.
We feature Batik blouses and skirts for women, shirts for men, and decorative pieces for your home and office walls.