women's batik shirt.
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Hand-made Sri Lankan women’s batik blouse. A modern and abstract pattern in black decorates the soft body dyed in India Red. Perfect for a casual or a semi-formal outing!

Size: 2X large
Width: 48" (around)
Length: 30-31"

100% Cotton

Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, remove promptly, warm iron when needed.

About Batik

Batik is an ancient textile art practiced in many eastern cultures including Sri Lanka. First a design is sketched on a cloth. As these sketches are done by hand there are no duplicates. Then 3 basic steps are followed, which are repeated until the final desired effect is achieved. The first stage is the application of hot liquid wax in areas where a certain dye is not wanted. The second stage involves dipping the cloth in liquid dye. The second and the third steps are done quickly, as the wax dries and starts to crack and the dye starts to seep through them. Even though the wax is applied to prevent areas from getting dyed the cracked effect is the mark of batik. The third step involves removing the wax to expose and get the next areas ready to be dyed in another color. This process is laborious and time consuming, and may take days to months depending upon the size, the number of colors, and the intricacies of the design. Sri Lanka is known for wall hangings, sarongs, and shirts for both men and women.

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Batik Blouse - Indian Red and Black (2X)

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